Yes, risk-taking to be able to realize our fullest

Yes, I do think that I am a risk taker most of the time
because I feel that we would not be able to achieve our goals in life by
playing it safe all the time. I feel that the world outside of our comfort zone
can be huge and scary until we are willing to put ourselves out there and take
a risk, we will never be able to achieve a satisfactory success and realize our
potential. Hence, at times, we should leave our comfort zone and embrace
risk-taking to be able to realize our fullest potential whether or not it

One example of myself taking a risk is during my N levels
when I scored an aggregate of 16 points which I was really disappointed with. I
was able to decide whether or not I proceed my journey to O levels or take the
Higher Nitec path in ITE. Due to my disappointment, I wanted to take on the ITE
route as I was already demoralized and unmotivated to do well for O levels.

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Hence, I was in dilemma because if I wanted to continue to
take my O levels, I will have to put in twice the effort due to the
difficulty mentioned by my teachers. In addition, if I failed, I will waste
a year and ended up in ITE as well. However, if I studied for Higher
Nitec, I will have a higher chance to get into a polytechnic but with a
course that I do not have any interest in.

With much considerations, I ended up taking the risk of having
my O levels in secondary 5 and studied really hard for it thus, achieving what I
wanted. I was glad that I overcome my fears of not being able to do well for a
major exam. Therefore, through this, it boosts my confidence of my academic
progress until today because I believe that if I want to achieve it, I can. The
reward I gained was overcoming my fear, gaining self-confidence and growing in resilience.
Sometimes, the reward from being a risk-taker is not extrinsic but intrinsic.

All in all, I conclude that taking a risk outweighs the pros
than cons because I feel that in order to achieve anything in life, we need to
take positive and calculated risk despite the obvious negative outcomes. By not
taking the risk, we run a bigger risk of being left behind. Therefore, failure
is not the end of one’s journey to success but usually the beginning and a
stepping stone to success.