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The Mayflower Compact was formed in the year of 1620 and it was the principle government record that was specially created for the Puritans that were going over to the United States. This was created with a goal and that was that the general population was going into the different world that decided to become a common society creating for a less demanding beginning in another land. Here that would later prompt the King of England to authorize the Puritans to go over to the United States and establish near the Hudson River. It was accustomed for the Puritans in the year of 1629 as an important document that needed them to move forward with their excursion. Presently, Britain has new states in the United States as they have to begin taking force of what is happening over there. There first step to start this off by the Navigation Acts of 1660. These acts made it with the goal that Britain controlled all the delivery/trade all throughout America. It began to then mix up the general population in America which would just eventually deteriorate. After this demonstration, Britain got put into a war with the French by the name of the Seven Years War. This war would abandon them with the loads of reparations that they needed to accomplish. In order for them to deal with this obligation, Britain chose to assess the general population of America despite the fact that they did not have anything to do with the conflict. As time went on, the settlers turned out to be more defiant in their ways, which made the British authorize the Intolerable Acts in 1774 to turn away the colonists in their own ways. They gave the British a way of more control over the provinces than what the settlers opposed in the first place. Around the same time, the First Continental Congress was held, including mostly men from both sides of the brawl to discuss the product of these acts. It appeared they were left with no decision when they made a demand for control of specific things inside their own states. Later, the British discovered their control as of now as excessively radical. At this point when things at last escaped hand enough, the agreements were starting to become equal on pronouncing Independence in 1776. Because the Revolutionary War was over, the colonists attempted different things with their new type of government as we know as the Articles of Confederation. This allowed them to work under the coveted conditions of the administered, just to rapidly acknowledge they required something different. They needed more authority to really proceed as their own particular nation. Certainly, in 1788, the U.S Constitution has been conceived with apparently consummate belief systems that kept on going until present day.