The relationship Polonius and Ophelia have is not a

The relationship
Hamlet has with his parents is better than Polonius’s relationship with his
children though. Polonius acts like he is the boss of Ophelia, while Ophelia feels
like she is obligated to submit to her father out of fear. Polonius uses his
daughter as a tool for his own benefit and is more obsessed with his family’s
honour than his daughter’s feelings. In the first act, Polonius tells Ophelia she
cannot get too close to Hamlet, as he does not want her to jeopardise their
position in the court by her being a helpless ‘woodcock’ to Hamlet’s allegedly
insincere ‘vows’ (Act 1, Scene 3, ll.114-116). He orders Ophelia to:

yourself more dearly,

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(not to crack the wind of the poor phrase,

it thus) you’ll tender me a fool (Act 1, Scene 3, ll.107-109).

demonstrates that Polonius is acting in his own interest and that he is more worried
about his place in the kingdom than his daughter’s happiness. Ophelia meekly
follows his orders, saying ‘I shall obey, my lord’ (Act 1, Scene 3, l.136). This
shows how Polonius forces Ophelia to depend on him and how Ophelia blindly
follows his commands. Hamlet calls Polonius a ‘fishmonger’ (Act 2, Scene2,
l.172) when referring to how Polonius controls Ophelia. This was Elizabethan slang
for “brothel keeper”, and therefore would have been considered a major insult
by the original audience. Moreover, this demonstrates that Hamlet is conscious
that the relationship Polonius and Ophelia have is not a good one. Moreover,
Polonius uses his daughter to spy on Hamlet’s actions so that he can report
back to Claudius. Because of her loyalties towards her father Ophelia complies
with her father’s wishes. This shows a bad dynamic as Polonius is essentially
just using his daughter to his advantage without considering her opinions or
feelings about it. Polonius’s intention is to make himself appear to be a great
father, but Ophelia’s dependency on Polonius is what eventually causes her to
go mad and commit suicide after his death. Therefore, this shows that she loved
her father, even though he treated her so badly, and it also demonstrates how
much she depended on him.