The poor physical health and motor skills, diminishes a

The official poverty rate in the United States is 13.5
percent, according to the U.S. Census Bureau’s 2015 estimates.
43.1 million Americans suffered from poverty in 2015.The range of poverty in the
united states had range between 22% and 11%.










Federal safety net

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The percentage of poverty in the US in 2016
12.7%, 22% of them is African American. So it is decreasing.

From the research I did I found out
that there are three main impacts for poverty in the Unites States of America.


Child fund international


1.    Education  

USA is one of the most developed countries in
the world, but also has the highest rates of childhood poverty. Children born
and raised in poverty so they face a lot of problems but the most important one
is education.

Education is the most affected area by
poverty, for a number of reasons:

ü  One in five kids in the US are living
in poverty

ü  One in three single mothers’ lives in

ü  30% of the kids
raised in poverty do not finish high school



2.    Child development

Poverty reduces a child’s
readiness because it leads to poor physical health and motor skills, diminishes
a child’s ability to remember information, and reduces attentiveness and
motivation. The areas that
located in the south of the United States are the most affected by poverty. For
example, Mississippi had the highest proportion of students in public
schools from low-income families.


the brogan project

Top Effects of Poverty



A study of youth Transitions and Crime
found that poverty had a direct effect on young people’s likelihood to engage
in violence at age of 15, because they usually live in with unemployed person
and clearly they need money so the kids more likely to participate in criminal
behavior. Alabama have the highest number of crimes that happened because of


What did I learned?

I relies that America is not perfect as I
thought, there are a lot of disadvantages for living there and it does not all
about the technology and development it is about how the citizens live in the
country. Also, I learned that the children is the most affected by poverty and
the poverty like a chronic disease linked to the person in his-her whole entire