The Look at Treatment for Eating Disordered Children, “Almost

                     The over obsession of social media leads to serious eating disorders, body dysmorphia, although it helps keep in touch with friends. However, people do not understand that social media is one of the culprits to mental health issues. Most teens spend over a day on social media. It wastes their time, which they will never get back. All this is seriously affecting a lot of people’s mental health.To start this off, too much social media is harmful because it can lead to eating disorders, such as anorexia.This is partly due to girls comparing themselves to other girls, on Instagram, online pictures etc; There are blogs and websites who actually engouces eating disorders. This websites are called pro Ana or Pro Mia. According to Countering the Web of Pro-anorexia,”These sites feature photographs and videos of extremely skinny women and girls and tips for crash dieting, fasting and forced vomiting.  Surely eating disorders affects only older teens and adults. That couldn’t be further from the truth. According to, An in Depth Look at Treatment for Eating Disordered Children, “Almost half those diagnosed are diagnosed by the age of 12.”  Also stated in that article, “It is estimated that 40% of 9-year-olds have dieted already.”  They are not in 5th grade yet, and they are trying to lose weight.            Similarly, unreasonable amount usage on social media can lead to body dysmorphia. Body dysmorphia is when a person overly obsessed over a part of their body.  The media tells girls and boys to have a certain body type. This can cause a person to believe everyone is making fun of that part of their body.  Body dysmorphic can attribute to compulsive behavior, anxiety and depression. It controls their whole life. In server cases it can cause a person to stay home from anxiety. According to Prevalence of BDD,”7.5 million people have body dysmorphia.”  That is just in America alone. If our world lets people be who they are completely, the number might go down dramatically. However, some people find social media is good because it can keep people in touch with friends. Sometimes friends move away. They may even change their phone number. Social media can help friends stay connected through a multitude of platforms. It can also help people share amazing photos with others. Most people reply faster on social media than through texting. They can make plans to meet up at a certain area. So social media can do good         Therefore, social media is bad. It can severely affect a person’s mental health.  It causes young adults to become more concerned about their body. Social media is harmful to people’s mental health because it causes bulimia, binge, anorexia etc., the anxiety over a certain part of that person’s body, although it can keep a person communicating with his friends from other parts of the USA. The world should not outweigh the facts. It can save a person from ruining their body forever. It can stop a person from starting it. Cohen, Alex. “Countering The Online World Of ‘Pro-Anorexia’.” NPR, NPR, 27 Feb. 2009 Karges, Crystal . “An in depth look at treatment for eating disordered children.” Eating Disorder Hope.  13 July 201.,MD, Katherine phillips. “Prevalence of BDD.” International OCD Foundation, ND”Synonyms for excessive”Roget’s 21st Century Thesaurus, Third Edition. Philip Lief Group 2009. 10 Jan. 2018