Rome a very strength based nation. Their armies were

Rome was one of the greatest empire with the most power in history. Their influence was so widespread that it lasted for years after the empire’s fall. Roman religion is similar to the of Greek origin. It is believed that the Romans adapted their religion from the Greeks. Their gods abilities and personalities are very much alike. The significance of this is greater than expected. The Roman and Greek similarities are important because it shows a few key things about the time era. The first thing it shows is that the time periods overlap, even by a few years. Enough of the Greek culture is shown in Rome to make the conclusion that the Romans had a lot of the Greeks infrastructure and society integrated into their empire. While the Romans and the Greeks had very similar aspects they were not the same. Rome was a very strength based nation. Their armies were stronger and more serious. There gods were always depicted as more serious then the Greek gods. The roman gods were also very vengeful and would often take out their frustrations on mortals. The greek gods would use mortals against each other by playing on their fears while the Roman gods used more direct approaches. This is important to note because the Romans adapted the Greeks beliefs and gods to suit their new more serious empire. The Romans and Greeks also had different methods of worshiping their gods. Romans would be known to give live sacrifices more often than the Greeks and they would also pray more individually. The greeks were known to pray in large groups around temples and on sacred days. They would also give a portion of their yield or meal to the gods. When it comes to the temples the Greeks and Romans have very similar style of architecture. The use of columns and triangular roofs was popular and seen in many of the more famous temples. The Greeks and Romans had very similar beliefs and infrastructure. The Romans were stronger and more serious than the Greeks and believed in a more war like society. The greeks were more gathered when they prayed while the romans, while still praying in groups on sacred days, prayed more individually. In conclusion, while they had they differences in many aspects, the Romans and the Greeks had almost identical religions with almost identical deities.