Our students can unintentionally fall in the act of

Our knowledge is based and built on previous knowledge and ideas created by others. As we read, study, and perform experiments, we are drawing on other people’s ideas. Building on their ideas and experiences, we create our own. When we create our ideas, and present it on a paper, it is very important to reference the resources and provide appropriate citations in order to avoid plagiarism.

While some of us trying to maintain work-study-life balance, the pressure sometimes can be intense and the amount of pressure that we go through every day can significantly affect our judgment and result in poor decision making. From my point of view, during the incident last semester, I have made a poor decision by not taking extra time to educate and train myself on how to prepare an academic report properly. I had also made a poor decision when I misinterpreted part of Dr. Maerz instructions and did not seek additional clarification from him, and going through this experience have changed my way of thinking when it comes to making a decision involving an academic integrity matter.

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Some students may not be aware of what constitutes academic misconduct such as cheating or plagiarism and may not ask their course instructor for clarification. On thr other hand, some instructors may assume that students understand the rules already. As a result, students can unintentionally fall in the act of academic dishonesty. According to recent researches, the number of academic misconduct has grown significantly in the past years. The most common reason for that growth is the pressure that many students go through, we as students sometimes can feel overwhelmed by the amount of work we need to accomplish.

Personally, I see academic integrity as a key factor in the success of any student and for the entire society as a whole. Academic integrity means being honest and trustworthy, It ensures that the student/researcher is doing his/her part of the work morally. Academic integrity not only ensures the success of the student, but also adds value to the student’s degree. The students and faculty members at Missouri S&T value academic integrity and they are eager to convey knowledge to the community by maintaing a high standard of academic integrity and ensuring that our behavior is consistent with those standards.