One times and made the best of it doing

One of the themes I felt the author was trying to present was to never give up. When Brian had tried to get the job as batboy and he wasn’t sure if they would hire him, but he kept pressing forward and never gave up on it. The quote that sticks out is when Davey said to Brian, “you wear the uniform, you’re part of the team now.” As far as he was concerned he had the best job any kid his age could ask for.  Other example would be when both Hank and Brian were in a hitting slump and with determination and help, they were both able to overcome their problem and they both hit home runs.  At the end of the book when he follows through with what Hank had told him the books says, “Yeah, Brian thought, I waited for this all right. Waited my whole life.” This was right after he had won the game with a fence clearing home run.   Another quote from the book was from Hank, “You showed me how to love baseball again.  And reminded me why I loved it in the first place.”  This simply shows that even Hank never gave up on himself or the game of baseball.. The second theme I felt that was in the book was good things do happen in life.  Even though Brian’s dad had left him and his mom, he still overcame the bad times and made the best of it doing what he loved doing…playing baseball and being the batboy for his favorite baseball team.  The moment he got the job he said “I can’t believe I’m now the batboy for the Detroit Tigers.”  Not only was he the batboy for his favorite team, but for his idol Hank Bishop.  Hank was handed a second chance at the game after testing positive for steroids.  An example of this would be “We’re not asking him to be what he was,” Davey Schofield was quoted as saying. “But from what I saw in batting practice this morning, there’s a place for him on this baseball team.”  And even though Hank had made some bad choices in his life, he still got a second chance at the sport he loved.  To continue this thought, it would apply to Hank being in a slump and hitting his 500th career home run.  He said “Believe it or not, it was never about them either.  I came back because I had to prove something to myself.”  This shows that he never gave up on himself but most importantly that others didn’t give up on him either and proved that good things can come out of bad situations. I would have to say the last theme I could see throughout the book is follow your dreams.  Brian was a super fan of the Detroit Tigers.  His wildest dreams came true when he became the batboy for his favorite team.  When he was told he was too young for the job he continued to follow his dream and never gave up.  Most little boys have the dream of becoming a famous baseball player or meeting one. As Mr. Schenkel said “This boy is the boy we all were once.”    Hank Bishops dream was to hit his 500th career home run. That day finally came with patience, “a two-run walk-off home run that proved the Bishop of Baseball still had it.”  And the last example in this theme would be Brian’s ability to finally hit a home run.  With the help and mentoring of his idol, he was able to make his dream of hitting a home run come true.  As Brian’s Coach Johnson said, “Hank Bishop did something the other night that maybe only he believed he could do.”  “Now you guys go do something we’ve all believed we could do since the first day of practice.”  And that is what Brian did.  He hit his first home run.