Name: entered this splendid Engineering and Technology world, I


Name: Kanyadhara
Sakhitha Chowdary

                                                                             Program Sought: Masters
Degree in Computer Science

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personal interest in the Computer
Science education is deep-rooted in my desire to forge ahead in this field
by constantly innovating and getting involved in doing cutting edge research
has further aggravated me to pursue graduate studies. Moreover, after taking
computer science and engineering stream in my under graduate level I have
perceived that most of the courses in my under graduation tend to build
superficial knowledge of subject, broadening familiarity over several areas of
Computer Science and Engineering rather than building a concentrated profundity
of knowledge in any one topic. Now, I have decided to focus on areas such as
Databases and Data Analytics, Computer Networks as my further fields of
specialization since these topics have grabbed my interest and I have already
had a glimpse of learning projects in these fields during my under graduation. The favorable aspect of being a Computer Science
professional is that there will be a large range of opportunities available
around the world. Indeed, having entered this splendid Engineering and
Technology world, I am more than greedy for knowledge and to take up research
in this particular field. I have strong reasons to believe that I will thrive
both as a Graduate student and later, as a researcher.


interaction with computers started with paint application during my school days
where I could create various shapes and paint them. The applications on
computer and things of internet left me fascinated. I gradually moved to
‘BASIC’ language and functionalities of computers and worked on C in my high
school. This inculcated in me an interest in field of Science and Technology. So
I took Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry as my major stream in my intermediate
level after my 10th standard. My diligent work, natural aptitude for
mathematics and good logical thinking helped me to secure a seat in RVR & JC COLLEGE OF ENGINEERING,
one of the most reputed colleges for Computer Science and Engineering in south


my undergraduate education provided me a comprehensive background in Computer
Science and laid a strong foundation to carry on my graduate research. In my
under graduation, courses like Operating Systems, Computer Networks and
Databases drew my attention due to their real life applications and wide scope
of research. My college played a vital role in grooming my personality and it
has been very inspiring.


For my 5th
Semester project, I worked with a team of three other classmates to implement
“Inventory Management Systems” using Amazon AWS as the mini Under Graduate
curriculum project. Consensus, consistency, hard work and agreement are vital
for effective teamwork. Our team had it all and was proved by the fact that the
project got ranked first in the Department of Computer Science and Engineering
in our college for that semester. As part of lab, I implemented “Fraud
Detection”- Collected data on the credit history, built a predictive model
(Random Forest, Neural Networks) to categorize them as good credit or bad
credit. Currently I am working on my main Under Graduate project “A Similarity
Measure for Text Classification and Clustering” and try to reiterate the
success of my mini project.


On top of
these I also gave a seminar in E-Commerce pertaining to Indian Online Retailers
and their Business framework and in Computer Networks, relating to Software
Defined Networking (SDN) for which I received numerous accolades from my
professors and moreover provided me opportunities to discuss with various
professors and students from other courses about the importance of Computer
networking and various other regards. I presented a paper on “A Self-Stabilization Process for Small-World
Networks” at Samyak conducted by K.L University.





Whilst I
enjoyed studies, I was equally involved with extra-curricular activities and
voluntary services, an interest that continued till college. I have been
working as a Volunteer in             “Make
A Difference”, a non-profit Organization which is currently taking care of 5200
children at 24 cities in India to enhance their skills and help them reach
their goal. I went through the selection process to get in to this
organization, the only non-profit organization to rank in India’s Top 100 Best
Companies to Work For in 2015 by the Great Place to Work Institute.  I was the Associative Event Organizer of
Cintella in CISSORIEE, a National level Technical fest of R.V.R & J.C for
department of CSE that covered about 200 member/exhibitors/performers, while
catering to a visiting audience of over 4000. I have taken part in cultural
activities like group dance in CZARS, a cultural fest at RVR COLLEGE OF


I am the
student representative of Computer Science and Engineering Department. I acted
as the bridge between students and the administration, discussing the problems
faced by the students with the administration, scheduling additional lectures
for the class, assisting the faculty advisor in her duties. During my term as a
student representative, I learnt how to handle the responsibilities and also
put forth my leadership and management capabilities. I also published various
technical and non-technical articles in CSE departmental Magazine.


acquired a solid foundation in the field of Computer Science through a rigorous
undergraduate program but pursue my career as a researcher my under graduate
program is not sufficient. So, Now I want to take up graduate studies and later
intended to do PhD. I wish to use all the knowledge gained through these courses
in research programs. The academic milieu and good infrastructure facilities of
research available in U.S. are the attractions, which enticed me to choose U.S.
as natural destination for graduate studies and research. The excellent
research facilities, eminent faculty and the vibrant atmosphere of the
University have really attracted me. I am enthusiastically looking forward to
embark on a career of full time research, which will allow me to be involved in
analyzing, comprehending and solving various problems in experimental and
computation research in the field of Computer Science. I consider University of Georgia as one of the
world-renowned universities in United States. Your illustrious faculty,
excellent research facilities, pleasant university ambience and a balanced
academic program are very much likely to produce excellent results to the
fields of my interest.


conclusion, I would be thankful if you can consider me for admission in your
prestigious university. I eagerly look forward to be part of your prestigious






Kanyadhara Sakhitha