My toxins such as ,BPA, BPS, phthalates,xenoestrogens, lead and

My point of view is that people all around the world have been taking granted of the ocean. Abusing the environment with their poor habits of littering and industrial companies poor habit of work ethic such as not cleaning up their trash on their ships and also oil spillage into the ocean. As retailers and wholesalers in the society are positively promoting the use of biodegradable plastic as an environment friendly solution, they do not know the potential risk of how detrimental it is to the ocean while using biodegradable plastics. For an instance,these biodegradable plastics are decomposed in the ocean this process releases harmful toxins such as ,BPA, BPS, phthalates,xenoestrogens, lead and antimony. Marine species often misled the litters that people leave behind as a food source for them, hence this will be disastrous for the marine species as well as human being because the marine species are what humans eat. Imagine 10 years from now, the percentage of microfiber presence in the ocean increases as quickly as how it currently is, there will be many health implications effects on the human species. In an indirect manner, we are constantly digging our own grave whenever we let loose our poor habits of littering.  A 3 year span study conducted by the Sea Education Association have concluded that plastic waste in the ocean are expected to increase by tenfold by 2020 with a current increasement of 8 million tons of plastic waste in the ocean annually.  Therefore, this is an evidence on how impactful poor habits of humans and industrial companies can cause to the marine environment. Another article by the TODAYonline delivered a key point where the article explained that the production of plastics are so much faster than the rate of cleaning up of plastics. They attempted on persuading the technology and industry aspect, reminding them there are more job to be done to the marine environment. Otherwise efforts of the government and citizens will be futile.