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I hear America converging. America is converging in almost every aspect of society. Most importantly, in the political and social issues of America, and the diversification of the American workforce. This strong converging force that is present today was also a viable movement during the time when Walt Whitman wrote his poem, I Hear America Singing. However, that force was much weaker and visible in a different way during the eighteen sixties. I Hear America Singing is Whitman’s expression for the disintegration and specialization of working-class Americans in the eighteen sixties. In contrast, working-class Americans today are discovering that even though they have extremely different professions and roles than one another, they are still able to assimilate and support each other in multiple branches of society; this idea is perfectly summarized through the phrase: I hear America converging.To be able to understand how the convergence of working-class Americans today is different from that of the eighteen-sixties, one first needs to look at the ways Whitman showcases the diversifying country of America. Whitman uses the technique of free verse to subconsciously implant the idea that one is free to choose his or her path in society. Just as the lines of his poem flow freely, without the boundaries of rhyme nor definite structure, one is able to decide what he or she wants to do, something that Whitman strived to highlight as an essential part of American culture. He shows how all the different voices and songs of the working class comprises and builds the diverse American workforce. Each and every person has their own song, different from their neighbor, but similar enough to compliment the other. However, Whitman doesn’t illustrate a strong connection between the workers, he only shows a connection between the worker and his or her task. All he accomplishes is showing that each and every worker with a song is only a small part of a much larger and expanding system. When the songs of all the workers come together they create the symphony of the American workforce. The workers aren’t capable of galvanizing each other to come together as one group, however. They are only able to support the system in which they live in. The diversification of jobs is even stronger in America today, although there is such a vast field of jobs, working-class Americans are now capable of supporting one another. According to the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics, there are over eight hundred unique occupations one could choose to enter, and a majority of those eight hundred occupations have multiple subcategories of different jobs.(May) This shows that the workforce is as spread out as it has ever been due to the vast number of jobs one could have. Even though there are so many types of jobs, people are still able to support one another through buying and endorsing their products. One of the great things that can be accomplished in America is the creation of your own small business. These small businesses are lifted up by everyday people and especially by the support of larger corporations. American Express, one of the largest companies in the United States, supports small businesses by advocating for holidays celebrating the working class, such as Small Business Saturday. Therefore, by supporting small businesses we aren’t just supporting the people who own them, but also the larger companies like American Express and helping the entire American Economy. Likewise, through the participation in political and social issues, working-class Americans are able to connect with one another and with people of a different socioeconomic status. Technology is one of the greatest factors that allow people to connect and express ideas about social issues. People in the working class are able to communicate directly to government officials through the use of social media. Twitter is the most commonly used tool for doing that, as you can send a “tweet” to one of your local senators or representatives and share your opinions with him or her. Social media allows the working class to have a voice and rival the strength of those in power. Through social media, the government is able to share the news with those who would not normally be able to receive it, which allows for a more informed public.(Howard) Another way working-class Americans are able to have a voice in political and social issues is through protests and marches. A great example of this is the Women’s March that took place in Seattle and throughout the country this past week.(Renewal) Events like this allow every “class” of society to coexist around a common goal. In conclusion, America is converging in two of the most important facets of society: Politics and the American Workforce. One can understand how Walt Whitman’s I Hear America Singing is supporting the notion that society is coming together as one but realizes that Whitman’s ideas were still developing and have found their way into society today. ┬áThe difference between today’s convergence and that of the eighteen-sixties is that in present-day America everyone is capable of supporting and assimilating each other. There are still many aspects of society which need to join the convergence, but the branches of society that have are all saying one thing: “I hear America converging”.