First work in a forest encampment: separated from her

First trafficked at the age of five with her parents out of Vietnam into China, she and her family were promised a better life. What it indicated was a lifetime of exploitation. Forced labor, sex work, at the age of 15, Thanh had to sleep with so many men it left her with permanent damage to her spine. She was trafficked to Russia to pick fruit, across a continent to France for sex work in a forest encampment: separated from her 11-year-old son and thrown into a refrigerated truck to be smuggled to England. She spent 30 years in the human trafficking ring. “According to the U.S. State Department, 600,000 to 800,000 people are trafficked across international borders every year, 80% are female and half are children”.(11 Facts About Human Trafficking). Human Trafficking can best be defined as the illegal trade and exploitation of human beings for forced labor, prostitution and reproductive favors, globally 4.5 million people are trapped in forced sexual exploitation. Three reasons human trafficking is wrong are it can leave victims with life threatening diseases, it robs children of their childhoods, and it imprisons a person both mentally and physically.Since human trafficking involves female victims selling themselves for sex, unwanted pregnancies would be expected. This can cause diseases like HIV and AIDS which can be spread because of sex trafficking, this can affect any and all of the population. Some of these girls are as young as nine and even sadder, “many of these girls end up contracting HIV within two years and many of them die before they reach 20. “Women who have been trafficked into the sex trade often may not have access to, or are not allowed to use methods of birth control or sexual protection and may only have irregular gynecological examinations. Such women face the risk of unwanted pregnancies and miscarriages.”(“Sex Trafficking”) Human trafficking victims face a variety of different physical health concerns. According to an article published by The Advocates for Human Rights, these women also suffer from infertility and may be forced into being sterilized. ( People who are involved in human trafficking are at a constant risk for developing life threatening diseases. They are at more of a risk then the average person because they are constantly facing physical and emotional abuse.”Sex trafficking victims are particularly vulnerable to sexually transmitted infections such as gonorrhea, syphilis, urinary tract infections, and pubic lice. Human immunodeficiency virus/ AIDS infection is known to be common. They may experience pelvic pain, vaginal/anal tearing, rectal trauma, and urinary difficulties as a result of commercial sex work.” Sex trafficking victims bodies suffer tredmously. They are often physically abused and tortured. Hospitals usually check women and girls for physical injuries such as broken bones, bruises, burns, scars, and dental history. A history of concussions and head trauma should also be checked for traumatic brain injury, which may result in memory loss, dizziness, headaches, and numbness. Since victims don’t get food on a regular basis they could have food deprivation or malnutrition. The effects of being sexually assaulted takes a toll on your body and they will always have physical scars to see every day that remind them of what they went through. The United Nations Children’s Fund reports that approximately 30 million children have lost their childhood through sexual exploitation over the past 30 years. People are trafficked from 127 countries and are exploited in 137 countries according to the United Nations. “Most people sexually abuse children by forming a significant relationship with the child and slowly “grooming” them to desensitize them to touch and to keeping the abuse a secret.” The victims create a dependency for their abuser and they are isolated from their families. The trauma is so painful and long lasting, we end up having to make sure service aids are provided for years to victims. They’ve bonded with their captors in their adolescence stage, when their brains aren’t fully developed yet. “It’s usually a year of going through therapy before they figure out that they’ve been duped. It’s only then they are able to say, ‘That jerk, this is what he did to me.”(Melanie Blow) Some of the children create a special bond with their abuser which makes it hard for them to escape. Or their abuser tells them that their going to hurt their family. Once out of the sex trafficking world the victims don’t know how to live with freedom since they lived without it for so long. “These are human beings who are owned by someone else, who lack the ability to walk away, who lack the ability to make a decision in their own self-interest to do something else, If that’s not slavery, I don’t know what is.”(Allen) Their exploiter treats them like animals, breaks them down and gains control of the victims mind. Random people demand sex from the children in which they have no choice in. They make thousands of dollars, which then goes to their exploiter. Most are threatened and terrified so they did not escape. Know one understands what someone who has been in the sex trafficking business has gone through. They feel like they are alone in the world, that’s how their abuser makes them feel, like they have know one except him. It takes months for the victims to be able to step out of the shelter where they are kept after being rescued. For some people, the emotional effects of trauma can be persistent and devastating. Rather than trying to overcome their bad experience, many of them avoid treatment because they feel ashamed and they don’t want to revisit what they experienced. “Victims of sex trafficking may face moderate to severe psychological trauma from daily mental, emotional, and psychological abuse and torture. Post-traumatic stress disorder, acute anxiety, and depression are all common psychological issues among sex industry workers” The Victims could struggle with low self-esteem, which can be a result of the negative messages they received from their abuser, and from having personal safety violated and ignored. Some of the victims first experiences with sex came as a result of sexual abuse. As an adult, intimacy might be a struggle at times. Some survivors experience flashbacks or painful memories while engaging in activity. They might feel guilty about not having been able to stop the abuse, or even blame themselves. It is important for them to understand that it was the person that hurt them that should be held accountable not the vitium. Most survivors have troubles having a romantic adult relationship because of the trauma they sustained. Memories are brought up again and faced. “This type of physical and sexual abuse leads to severe mental or emotional health consequences, including feelings of severe guilt, depression, anxiety, substance abuse (alcohol or narcotics) and eating disorders. In extreme cases, the mental anguish can lead to self-mutilation or suicide.” There are three main types of eating disorders which are Anorexia nervosa, Binge eating disorder, and Bulimia nervosa. Sexual violence can have an effect on the victim’s body image and affect their eating habits. Some victims also may use food in an attempt to handle the trauma, feel in control, or make up for feelings and emotions that may be overwhelming. They might be trying to numb the pain, feel a release, or regain a sense of control. But, this is normally short-lived, and the need to self-harm can return, this can cause infection, damage, and sometimes life-threatening medical problems. Most people who are involved in some sort of human trafficking are required to take therapy for the ordeal they went through. But in the end it is for the better for the vitium to face there hurt and try to fix it even though it will always be there.In Conclusion Human trafficking is illegal and the exploitation that a person goes through while being trafficked is horrific. The Three major reasons human trafficking is wrong and should be stopped are it can leave victims with life threatening diseases, it robs children of their childhoods, and it imprisons a person both mentally and physically. To help stop human trafficking you can donate to the National Women’s Coalition Against Violence & Exploitation foundation. They are a nonprofit organization that helps to inform, educate and prevent violence and exploitation against women and children nationally and internationally.(Dghaight) While listening to me inform you about human trafficking someone was forced into the human trafficking ring.