College to your full-time job. It will simply enrich

College time is one the most beautiful experiences in life.

It’s the crossroad from which you move on into the real world
to face more mature problems. One of those problems is a constant chase to earn
enough money. Money for all your bills, projects, parties…

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Before you continue,
remember this: One
of the most valuable lessons your college will teach you is how to manage your
pocket money before it becomes a growing, steady income.


Getting started:

Before you take action, keep in mind your main focus – learning. Don’t let anything jeopardize

Now, make a direct contact with some of your local companies
or post your resume on job boards. You must have at least one or two social
platforms that you love spending your free time on? Use that free time wisely! Boost
your talent, present your skills, and make new contacts…


Benefits of Part-time
Flexible Jobs for Students:

students definitely have more money!

This will strengthen your confidence while
teaching you how to appreciate it more and prepare you for the adulthood.


aspect of every career is experience!

Whether your Flexible will be major
related or not, it will make you look more professional and respected, later on,
while switching to your full-time job. It will simply enrich your resume for


learn how to manage your time and
not waste any.

This will prepare you for the real
world out there by showing you how to prioritize. Even if you’ll give up on
some fun you’ll appreciate it later on when it pays off in many ways.


not only time you’ll learn how to manage but, your money as well! Budgeting will become your new skill. Hard
work money will be, also, hard spend.




Make your studying more pleasant and comfortable!

Earn that extra cash!

Here are 3 simple ways how:


1.      Uber driver


More driving – more earning!



A state-issued driver’s license. (For a professional
transportation some states require a special license.)


Rate: You get paid weekly – $15.07 per hour, plus tips


2.      Survey junkie


Interesting, informational, rewarding…


Try new products, participate in a
Focus group or take surveys. Have fun while working! Yes, it’s possible.




working area;

account or PayPal;

(not your college account);


some jobs you may need Microsoft office.


              Rate: $5 – $ 25 per hour.








Medical Coding


As crucial to any healthcare employer’s
bottom line, Medical Coders are in a high demand!


With an opportunity to develop while increasing
their income, Coders can grow into supervisors, reviewers and even auditors.







Rate: Average annual
salary $ 34, 160.


Once you make your choice, make sure
that it’s the right one!

Look at it as a perfect way to the
rest of your life!

A great opportunity to build your
confidence as well as your career!


Take it seriously while having a lot
of fun along the way!