Autumn Computer Science with CGPA 3.16. During the bachelor

                                                                                                                                          Autumn 2018Statement of PurposeMasters in Concurrency and Parallel Programming, 120 creditsUppsala University Autumn 2018Dear Sir/ Madam,I am applying for Master’s in Concurrency and Parallel Programming at your university. I have done bachelor in Computer Science with CGPA 3.16.  During the bachelor education, I studied over 195 ECTS in Computer science (including programming, algorithms, data structure, computer architecture and operating systems) and 45 ECTS in Mathematics (calculus and analytical geometry, multivariable calculus, discrete structure, linear algebra, differential equation, numerical computing). I have more than 2 years of experience as a software developer. I am a former software developer in Intelliscence Software house as a team leader. Currently, I am working as a software developer in Health Information and Service Delivery Unit(Punjab Government).During my bachelor education at the University of Gujrat, I awarded the guard of honor by Chief Minister of Punjab in recognition of my excellent academic performance and awarded by laptop under the Shahbaz Sharif Youth Initiative. I have given my services as a social worker to `Students’ Management Society’, which organizes Student Advancement Fund Endowment(SAFE) in collaboration with Higher Education Commission, that has objective to raise fund for the needy and meritorious students. Because of enthusiastic work, my name was placed on the honor board in university. I  have attended a workshop (HACKTRIX) on networking in Ghulam Ishaq Khan Institute and awarded with the certificate.I also served as a teacher assistant for 1 year.It was a great learning and challenging experience.I have also studied the courses Computer Organization and Assembly language, Database Systems, Web Design and Animation, Software Engineering, Data Warehousing, Human Computer Interaction, Web System and Technology, Artificial Intelligence, Network security, Computer Graphics, Digital Signal Processing, Compiler Constructions. As a fulltime course is measured 3.0 Credit hours in Pakistan which is equivalent to 7.5 ECTS in Sweden, I fulfill the program specific requirements with a great margin. My work experience and courses that I have studied are not only in accordance with my career goal but also with the curriculum and prerequisites of this master program. This program ideally matches with my professional interest, prior knowledge, and market demand and this is one of the prime reason to apply for this program.The importance of English academic writing skills cannot be denied especially in writing a thesis for master degree or a research paper in a scientific journal. The language of instruction was English throughout my whole bachelor education.I developed a desktop application “Hospital Management System” build up using WPF, C#(.Net) and SQL Server as a final year project in university. Apart from this project undertaken in University, it is my passion to gain exposure to the software industry, and this prompted me to start up my career at Intelliscence Software house. I developed projects including AMC Qbank, M3logi, Horizontal Dental Lab, Getting Gifty, Prepengo, Medicine Surveillance system, Hospital Management Information System (integrated with Qmatic using web api), Bug Tracking System (the application was intended for in-house task management and bug tracking of projects), Prescription Management Information System. I have hands-on experience of ASP.Net(MVC), ASP Core, ASP Identity, SignalR, Entity framework AngularJS, Angular 4, JQuery, Bootstrap, SQL server, and Web API.Parallel programming uses resources efficiently by subdividing a program that can exchange data in collaboration and work on various processors. This manner the sources of capacity and memory to calculation could be taken advantages of optimizing, parallel pc and diminishing the times. I acknowledge that these areas are technically very rich and meet the requirement to be a vibrant programmer. My career objective, market demands, future challenges are precisely converging on this master program structure. I hold prior knowledge, innovative skills and a definite goal and your university have extensive research opportunities, developed facility, and innovative environment. With this perfect blend of opportunities, I am confident enough that I will emerge as a responsible and innovative software engineer. It will definitely be my honor and the great achievement if I can win your confidence.I would like to thank you for giving me an opportunity to express myself.Most Sincerely,Ali Raza Abid          Application No. 10570016