19 in the family:em1ree.tumblr.com18. When you’re willing to go

19 Jokes About Procrastination That You Can Laugh At TomorrowWhy do today what you can put off until a couple hours before the due date?Posted on August 27, 2017, at 7:01 p.m.Andy GolderBuzzFeed Staff1. When you procrastinate so much that even infinite time wouldn’t help:wrathofthegiraffe.tumblr.com2. When you wish there was some kind of program for you:banana-with-a-boo-tie.tumblr.com3. When you realize you just have to half-ass it to meet your deadline:meevs.net4. When you ponder HOW people actually just do stuff:mellarkish.tumblr.com5. When that creeping sense of dread sneaks in:illuminosity.tumblr.com6. When you know you didn’t REALLY try your best:cockbiteproductions.tumblr.com7. When there’s literally nothing that can stop your procrastination train:Loryn Brantz / Abid Anwar / BuzzFeed8. Like, literally nothing:Twitter: @aardvarsk9. And there’s literally nothing you won’t put off until later:elphabaforpresidentofgallifrey.tumblr.com10. When you try every trick to get yourself moving:Twitter: @captaincaplin11. When not even a planner gets the job done:Karina Farek / BuzzFeed12. When you finish one thing and pretty much call it a day:Twitter: @itsjustdebb13. When your procrastination leads to innovation:Twitter: @itsyourboytadi14. When you even put off sleeping, even though sleeping is great:Twitter: @tarashoe15. And it’s usually thanks to YouTube:mystiquemonique.tumblr.com16. Or those damn Harry Potter marathons:Mike Hinson / BuzzFeed17. When you realize that it probably runs in the family:em1ree.tumblr.com18. When you’re willing to go to some serious lengths to NOT do the one thing you’re supposed to:theblackship.tumblr.com19. But it works out, because at least you got something done in the end:iamhannalashay.tumblr.comPresident Trump says protections for DACA recipients could potentially “morph into” citizenship in “10 to 12 years.”Larry Nassar, the ex–Team USA doctor found guilty of sexually abusing young gymnasts, was sentenced up to 175 years in 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