Sissy phone sex fantasies top 3.

I don’t like to get too repetitive with my work. Every client is different, and every phone call with said client will be different as well, depending on their mood, their kinks, their desires and wants. It generally isn’t helpful to have a full script to have on hand for them. Every time I listen, I make a judgement in my head, and I begin telling them what I know they want to hear. It’s extra work, but it’s what brings them crawling back to this number. An appropriate metaphor if ever there was one. But there are some fantasies that I definitely return to more than others. It’s not out of necessity, but almost every time I work them into the conversation I hear their responses. The increase of breath on the other line, the increase in the sound of movement as they stroke or penetrate themselves, the small gasps or moans that escape their lips despite my orders of silence. I change it up every so often, customise it. But they’re always my go to fantasies when I want to really make an impression. The first is when I describe sharing them with another man. “Crawl towards him” I ordered over the phone, my voice laced with authority. “Your hair draped around your face, your ass just visible under your skirt. He thinks you’re very pretty, a pretty little doll to play with. Turn around, show him that ass of yours that you’ve prepared so nicely. Is it plugged up like I told it to be?” “Yes Miss S” the voice comes back over the phone, high pitched, barely louder than a whisper. “You’re a pretty little hole who’s going to be good for me tonight are you not? I’d hate for you to embarrass me in front of my friend, you know what’ll happen to you if you embarrass me don’t you?” “Yes Miss S.“ I put some extra force into my voice as I get ready to properly get this started. “Well what are you waiting for, little hole? Ask to suck the nice man’s cock.” “Please sir, please can I take your cock in my mouth?” “I think you should. I think you should undo his belt, take his pants off for him, and open your mouth wide and take his big cock down your throat. Let him get your face all nice and covered with your spit as he wipes himself across your slutty little face as you play with his balls with your tongue. Take him all the way down your throat, every inch, and keep him there until he pulls out. You like his cock don’t you? So much nicer than your quaint one, and right where it belongs isn’t it?” “Oh fuck, yes Miss S” “That’s what I want to hear. And I want you to keep sucking his cock as I walk around you. Keep licking his tip with your tongue as I flip your skirt up and slowly pull the plug out of your ass. And keep staring at him as I push into your cute little asshole with my big cock, so you remember what you are as both your holes are used by us”. The second is a bit more elaborate as I describe to the client how I would use them in public. The location can change. Dingy bars, underground clubs, sometimes even in the middle of a crowded street if they’re feeling particularly naughty. But the effect is always the same. “See how they’re staring at you. Why do you think that is?” “Why is it Miss S?” “They’re staring because they know you’re a good little girl who’s going to do as she’s told, aren’t they?” “Yes Miss S, I’m going to be a good little girl”. “Tell me, how many inches of your toy have you got inside you right now?” It’s good to have a reality check every so often. “6 inches in Ms S. But I’m sure I can get more of it in” I smile. It’s nice to hear the effect I’m having. I quickly return to the fantasy however. “I’d see you with your face pressed against the ground, your ass in the air covered only by those pretty pink panties we chose for you. The people come over to grope, to spank that ass and what do you say?” “Thank you for playing with my ass.” “You do say that don’t you. It’s the way you’re meant to be isn’t it, letting other people use you?” “Yes Miss S”. “They think you’re so very beautiful. They love seeing your ass up like that, all ready to be used. I bet many of them would like nothing more than to slide themselves inside you, wrap their hands around your waist, and begin to give you a nice treat, right there in front of everyone else. And I might just let them as you’ve been so good.” “Because I’m pretty?” “Yes slut. Because you’re very very pretty.” But the third is more intimate, and is by far my favourite. Changing my voice from authoritative to caring, from dominating to sultry, I describe dressing my client up. Slowly describing pulling the stockings up his legs, detailing the sort of clothes and underwear I’d choose out for him and applying makeup to his face. This can come both before or after many sexual indulgences, and it’s a good way to make them feel appreciated, sexual and cared for. “I think this garter belt will look really good on you. You have such lovely legs, I’d hate to have them shown off at anything less than their best. What colours do you like?” “Blue please Miss S” “What a good choice, good girl. It’ll go so well with your eyeshadow and your lipstick.” “Thank you Miss S”. This fantasy will go on for as long as 10 minutes sometimes. I think it’s cathartic in a way, for both of us. I get to feel more relaxed after working myself voice-fucking via phone sex, and they get to feel not just used and humiliated, but also truly desired. Appreciated. Beautiful.