Sissy Phone Sex clients and their kinks

“You will refer to me exclusively as Miss S, do you understand me? I don’t care that you are the one you called me, I don’t care how needy you are, I don’t care if you forget yourself. You call me anything else, I hang up. You backchat or disrespect me, I hang up. You don’t put the effort into answering my questions, I hang up. Do you understand me?” I knew what answer was coming. Ashley, the name I had given this man, had called several times before, but usually called the cuckold phone sex number. We were both familiar with the routine, but it was always useful to establish this dominant tone. And I knew that Ashley definitely appreciated it. “Yes Miss S, I promise I’ll be good”. “You better be, little bitch. I have other girls I could be enjoying my time with right now, I hope you appreciate the attention I’m giving to you.” “Oh I do Miss S, I promise.” “Well then I’d better see it bitch. Have you got your toys ready?” “I do Miss S”. “Well what are you waiting for? I want those big toys down your throat now, I want to hear you gag on it, go on!” It didn’t take long for the sound of gagging to come down the phone. I can picture Ashley on the other lines, wrapping her lips around the dildo like a bitch in heat. I can feel myself getting turned on by the sounds, and whilst I never give that fact away in order to maintain power, I channel that energy into my voice. “That’s right, choke on that big dick you little Sissy slut. I bet your dick is nice and hard, aching to cum as you enjoy that far larger and better shaft in your mouth. Is that right slut, are you hoping to cum this time?” “Yes Miss S, but only if I’ve been good for you.” I barely contain a laugh at this, she stole my line from me. “That’s right, good girl. I might even tell you to come this time. Now, slap that wet cock across your face.” The slap reverberates through the line. “I bet you’re getting all your pretty makeup ruined aren’t you? Smeared by your own spit and toys, what a dirty little whore you are. All that effort thrown away the moment a big dick comes near you, you’re really nothing but a collection of holes to be used, no matter how pretty you make yourself up to be. Isn’t that right?” “I am just a collection of holes Miss S, as you say.” “Do you want that hard cock in your ass now hole?” “I do Miss S, I really do. Please may I put this cock in me?” “Come on, you can do better than that Ashley. I want to really hear you beg to fuck yourself.” The urgency in the voice was almost pitious. “Please Miss S. I need to spread my ass open like the little slutty bitch I am. I want to entertain you and tell you how this cock feels in my ass, how it;s so much nicer and bigger than my tiny little girldick,and how much I wish it was you who was using my hole for your pleasure. Please may I fuck my own ass for you Miss S, I promise I’ll be a good girl for you, I promise.” I smile. I’ve been working in the world of this kink for a while, but it really never gets old to hear grown men demeaned, humiliated, and willingly emasculated just for me. “You really are a horny sissy bitch aren’t you. Wanting your tight hole filled, no trace of manliness to be found in you is there?” “Yes Miss S, I am just a sissy bitch. I’m your sissy bitch Miss S.” “Okay then Ashley, fill your ass for me. Stick that nice big cock up your tight asshole, fill yourself out for me. I want your face pressed against your bed, your ass open in the air as you reach behind and stretch out your boy pussy for that nice big cock. And make sure you keep your hands off of your prissy little dick okay slut, I want you to feel pleasured by just your asshole. Your dick isn’t worthy enough to be touched, I don’t want it feeling the inside of anything but a hood or a cage, that’s all it’s good for. Hiding away so a real man can use you like a fuckdoll that you so desperately want to be, isn’t that right?” As I talk, I can hear the movement on the other end of the phone, the squelching sound of lube being rubbed in and the fastness of breath. I keep my own controlled, my tone consistent, never giving anything away but control. I know I’m being obeyed, I know I’m being listened to and that the more I say, the more aroused that my client will be on the other end. “It’s in you now isn’t little girl. I can always tell.” “It is Miss S. Oh fuck, I feel so full.” “If only it was a real man filling you up. A strong alpha that nestles his cock deep inside your fuck hole, pulls your hair fack, slaps your tight firm as it bounces back against you, his balls smacking against you. That’s never going to be what you can get by just fucking yourself is it?. The grunts of the man as he fills you, and the knowledge that you’re doing what you were always meant to and the pleasing a stronger and better man than you?” “Yes, Yes, I want that so badly Miss S, to be used by a nice strong man.” “That’s what you’re meant to be my little fuckdoll. But until then, keep fucking yourself. Stretch that ass open as you listen to my voice, hear me and remember what you’re good for. Tell me what you’re good for little Ashley.” “I’m good for being fucked Miss S. Good for being used by stronger people than me, like the good sissy slut that I am.” I smile. “And don’t you forget it”.